Precious Resources: Abundance RecycledPublic_Art_-_Precious_Resources__Abundance_Recycled.html
Earth Wall – Living WallPublic_Art_-_Earth_Wall_-_Living_Wall.html
Earth Rising – RebornPublic_Art_-_Earth_Rising_Reborn.html
Matthew Henson Hope VIPublic_Art_-_Matthew_Henson_Hope_VI.html
The Mystical Adventures of Erma, Edgar, & Sliver at Breathing Bubble PondPublic_Art_-_The_Mystical_Adventures_of_Erma,_Edgar,_%26_Sliver_at_Breathing_Bubble_Pond.html
Seeing BeyondPublic_Art_-_Seeing_Beyond.html
An Act of MindfulnessPublic_Art_-_An_Act_of_Mindfullness.html
The Pillar’s MessagePublic_Art_-_The_Pillars_Message.html
Yaqui Alleyway Beautification & Public Art Mural ProjectPublic_Art_-_Yaqui_Alleyway.html
Stories of NestingPublic_Art_-_Stories_of_Nesting.html

There is something about engaging with community; the children, the man or woman that lives next door, that brings it all home for me. So many stories and adventures waiting to be shared and expressed. Public Art invites and creates these opportunities on a grand scale while enhancing neighborhoods with visual delight and expressions using materials that transform impersonal places into enhanced personal gathering spaces. The larger format allows me a freedom to expand upon an idea or theme while offering others shared time in the art making process with me. Collective world views are brought together, creating a new vision of what is possible. I am deeply committed to my socially engaged global art practice.

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